Monday, November 03, 2014

At Peace Again

Nhlanhla and Sheillah have had a challenging past week and have gone for a couple of days without saying a word to each other. Their latest drama was on Saturday when Samantha, Goitse and Nhlanhla laughed at her for not knowing Piers Morgan. Sheillah told Nhlanhla that they had made her feel dumb.

Sheillah took the incident so personally that she even cried about it during their extravaganza practice. She sulked and stopped talking to Nhlanhla. They slept in separate beds on Saturday night as Sheillah decided to sleep downstairs. We suspect that the young lady was feeling the pressure of being put up for possible eviction. Before the live show on Sunday, Nhlanhla went over to her to explain himself and they ironed things out.

It was just as well that Sheillah was not evicted as the two continued their talk, with some motivation from Trezagah who had a word or two for them. When he found them talking in the kitchen, he put his arms over the both of them and asked if they had sorted their issues. He asked if they were back together and Nhlanhla said that Sheillah was only a little angry but that they were sorting things out.

Things were indeed sorted out as the two shared a bed (Sheillah went back upstairs). We were glad that peace was once again restored.

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