Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Backup Dancers

What better way to follow the drama than with a dance? Relieving the tension with a bout of music, it was Trezagah's turn for a lap dance. This time the rest of the housemates joined in the dance, for which Butterphly was extremely grateful, saying that is was less awkward when they joined her.

Tayo, still affected by the high emotion of his outburst, poured out his heart to Trezagah. He confessed that he was crying in corners and also brought up the topic of what he saw as Mr. 265’s manipulation. This was a view he unknowingly shared with other housemates. Tayo even said he had caught out Mr. 265 in moments of manipulation, saying "I know his type."

Sharing memories of his childhood, Tayo said he had always been well behaved and did not feel the need to explain himself to others when they did not understand the reasons for his reactions.  Hopefully we will see Tayo thrust his emotions into his task performance tonight.

Mr. 265 had been flabbergasted by Tayo's flare-up, but it set the other housemates into a silly mood. Samantha, Idris and Butterphly even started tickling each other's ears. Perhaps they were just procrastinating, wiling away the time instead of working on their task presentation.

Samantha and Idris started getting intimate with one another again, cuddling on the couch and whispering. But when the music started playing once more, they leapt to Butterphly's rescue, helping her with another punishment. They rallied together as Butterphly's bounced atop Trezagah on the bed. The Mozambican was delighted to be her lap dancing victim for the second time in a row.

Other housemates joined the fun and assisted Butterphly. Nhlanhla poured syrup into Trezagah's mouth, while JJ spread cream on his arms. Along with Idris, they formed a dancing chorus to Butterphly's main act. The three men whipped on a pair of sunglasses and started swaying in time to the music. Tayo came downstairs to watch and Butterphly felt a lot more comfortable with all the support.

A happy Trezagah started with his usual shout outs once the dance was finished and the housemates, despite all the tension and drama, proved they could work still work as a team. What did you think of Butterphly's backup dancers?

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