Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Battle Of The Hotshots

Miss P made sure the Hotshots knew where they stood when she called the ex-housemates "the originals". We know it's all in a bid to get under their skin, but it's hilarious to see how well it's working. Do you think any of the Hotshots will realise before Sunday that it's all a big joke?

The dynamics between Tayo and Uti were friendly yet strained, the former seemingly threatened by the previous winner, as Uti pointed out. He loved goading his fellow Nigerian, saying he could just imagine what the strap looked like, with the fans probably saying that Tayo had no respect. Uti warned him that he was showing Africa he was scared of him, but Tayo brushed it off  saying he was not "scared of biltong, old meat."

Miss P jumped in to rub salt into Tayo's wounded pride, telling him he was leaving on Sunday and even calling him a cry baby. Sheillah was holding tightly to her Head of House crown, telling the ex-housemates that they were here now and if the Hotshots lost the wager so would they.

But Elikem intervened to shake things up, advising her that when he had been Head of House he had taken a militant stance and she had to set things straight in the house. He added that if they lost it would be on her head, but she was vehemently against this point, saying she was doing the task for herself and not anyone else. Elikem differed on this matter, saying she had to drive the team and make sure she did her job well.

Sheillah steadfastly defended her position, but Elikem continued provoking her, telling her to take responsibility as Head of House, doing his level best to back her into a corner and make her put her foot in her mouth. He aggravated the matter even more when he decided to assist with her duties. What do you think of Sheillah’s position on Head of House responsibilities?