Friday, November 21, 2014

Bedroom Diaries

Once again Biggie absconded diary sessions. But this clearly had nothing to do with Figgie nor her shrill demanding ways, although with all the hostile energies going around Figgie seemed a light walk in the park. This time around, however, housemates were to take Biggie’s place and take each other through their diary sessions. They were to conduct their own diary sessions in the various country groups, but never with their country mates.

Diary sessions took take place in the bedroom and it was off limits to the rest for the duration of the session. With only fifteen minutes to get stuff off their chests housemates got cracking with task. For some there was fun to be had but also you also couldn't miss the cruel sense of irony; cruel that is for the Hotshots. With some already finding it difficult to be civil with the exes how on earth were they expected to trust them to share their innermost thoughts with this bunch?

It was important however, for all to respect the diaries and take them as seriously as they would if it were really Biggie. It was also refreshing to see Biggie through the various guises of the housemates as each put on their best impersonations.

Tayo was first in and conducted Botswana's diary sessions. Sheillah felt at ease enough with him to vent her anger over the exes. She made it crystal clear that she and her fellow Hotshots would not lose their spirit over a bunch of characters. When it was her turn Goitse made sure her door was closed shut. She was just letting all the negative energy slide down her back. When Miss P walked in the mood changed from free to guarded as she wasn't about to give anything away.

When it was Miss P's turn to play Biggie her country was South Africa and Nhlanhla was her pick. She learnt that Nhlanhla was impenetrable – especially to her. Perhaps she was too obvious for him but he gave her a hard time in a bid to show her that he was – and always would be – one step ahead.

Then it was the turn of her highness Vimbai whose Biggie was Macky2. She came in with one hell of a chip on her shoulder, clearly vexed. She reported that fact that she felt "violated" that someone would dare take her make-up. This (of all the things that were going on) made her feel like she was "playing against lesser beings" she remarked. Macky2 tried to hide his shock.

But wait, there was more. She was happy to point out the weak links and of course shame none other than Butterphly and Ellah. She said that they were both weak but she was more concerned for her country mate who was something of Ellah's side kick. According to her they were bringing each other down. It was no wonder Butterphly and Ellah were so traumatised by her. Her highness had no filter.

Ellah's session was with Elikem and instead of expressing herself as she usually did she withdrew. This did not stop Elikem for digging. She could have taken a page out of her fellow housemates book and played fire with fire. She was, however, open about Vimbai and Leonel being instigators.

There was one thing that everyone could agree on and that was that they were looking forward to a party to shut down all parties with the exes looking to relive the good old days.

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