Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Biggie Goes Missing

Last night, housemates had been worrying why Big Brother was being so quiet, wondering if they had done something wrong. Receiving a brief from Head of House Sipe that Big Brother was not available, made them worry even more.

After Sipe read the surreptitious message, the housemates lapsed into silence, contemplating what they had just been told. Their diary sessions would continue, but they were to be summoned by no more than a bell and had been given a running order. They were to stick to the order and not delay in making their way to the diary room.

JJ was the first in and received a creepy automated voice message telling him to share his thoughts. He immediately spoke about the tension in the house, telling Biggie that there had been a misunderstanding between the men and women in the house, with the women feeling that they were being prejudiced. JJ felt they were being unfair, telling Biggie that the men had been cooking for the house, as well as taking care of the ladies.

He finished his session quickly and then carried on sitting in the room, uncertain whether he could leave or should wait for the bell. Luckily, the bell sounded soon after and the relieved JJ vacated his seat. Butterphly was next and looked timidly around the room, wondering whether or not to speak. But then the automated message came on and she knew what to do.

Even though she said the diary session felt weird, she really liked the message and said it sounded very alien. Otherwise she handled the session well, stating that as a DJ she was used to speaking to an empty room. She also tried to think of what questions Biggie would ask her if he was there. Once the housemates started talking they were comfortable again and spoke easily – it was just those moments before and after they spoke that they felt odd.

Where could Big Brother be? Is he messing with the housemates' minds and planning another sly trick? Wherever he might be, hopefully the housemates remember that whatever they do, he is still watching. What do you think happened to Biggie?

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