Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Biggie's Circus & Magic Show

This week housemates old and new had been tasked with presenting a Circus and Magic Show. Hotshots and exes alike were trained by professional circus performers in a variety of skills from acrobatics to juggling.

To help the housemates along, Big Brother provided props and costumes, as well as a list of roles which included a ring leader, strongman (or woman), animal trainer and the animals themselves. Idris looked dashing in his top hat and coat-tails, and Butterphly was cute as a button in her clown suit.

Sheillah, still chained to Nhlanhla, showed her muscles were as strong as her personality in her role as the circus' strongwoman, turning it into a double act with Nhlanhla as the strongman. Housemates were prompted outside with joyful circus music, however the start of their show was a bit awkward with muttered whispers over their microphones.

The unsettled ladies of the opening act soon regained their composure, and Macky2 introduced a capoeira-inspired opening act by Leonel and Goitse. It was followed by a host of clowns, acrobats and other physical marvels derived from the world of the circus. Housemates tried their best, although there was a lot of giggling in between acts. Do you think they weren't taking it seriously, or was the silly circus mood just rubbing off on them?

After the task presentation, Big Brother had housemates on tenterhooks when he told them he had observed disrespectful behaviour during the week, catching them sleeping when they should have been working. He wondered whether all the excitement with the new arrivals was causing them to develop unproductive habits and lose focus.

However, in true Biggie-style, he was just kidding around, and told them they had won their 100% wager. There was much ecstatic cheering and the Hotshots certainly needed their mood and confidence boosted after coping with the exes.

Will there be more peace in the house now that they have collectively won a task, or will the exes take all the credit in an effort to further irritate the Hotshots? There are also the rewards in the storeroom to think about. These could lead to a fun party or even more drama than the night before. Make sure you keep on watching to find out what happens tonight.

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