Sunday, November 23, 2014

Biggie's Well-Executed Prank

Big Brother was clearly having the time of his life on the live show! The eviction prank was going on as planned and even exceeding expectations. The three housemates that were sitting in the diary room wondered what on earth Biggie was up to and what was happening as they were supposedly evicted but were not on the live show stage with IK.

The hotshots left in the house thought that Tayo, Ellah and Sipe were with IK on stage and it was clear that Biggie was playing mind games with the hotshots. With anxiety levels sky-high, IK went back into the house to end the one-week stay of more of the visitors. After that was done, Biggie told the remaining housemates to freeze and ordered Denzel, Natasha and Uti out of the house, after he had already sent out Leonel, Sulu, Elikem and Miss P.

The ex-housemates joined IK on stage and celebrated a successful prank pulled on the hotshots. Uti laughed when he got on stage, clearly happy about their achievement. Leonel explained that all the drama he presented in the house was fake and that he was glad to have achieved what he could.

Remember Uti had promised to tell Africa where Biggie had vanished off to if she were to make #TIA trend? Well, #TIA did trend and the Nigerian ex-housemate had to honour his word and this he did. He told Africa that Biggie went all around Africa to gather the ex-housemates and left Figgie to handle things whilst he was gone.

IK thanked the ex-housemates for the mission-accomplished and soon went back to face the housemates in the house to tell them that they were pranked!

"This is Big Brother: unfreeze!" The housemates were then told to go back into the house where Biggie revealed to them that "This was a prank pulled on you by Big Brother and the ten departed ex-housemates." "Housemates, all Hotshots housemates are in the game and tonight, the game will continue."

Biggie explained that since there was no extravaganza everyone is up for nomination this week.

During the week the Channel O Hotshots #TIA awards. We saw clips of all the entrants "some were great, some not so great" said IK. IK told them that the exes loved all of them and were only playing arole. Nhlanhla and Luclay's song was announced as the winner.

Nhlanhla was stunned and overjoyed. "Uti must pay for it." IK bid the house "good night" and reminded Africa about the Channel O Africa Music Awards, which K.O is up for four awards, he performed his hit song "Son of a Gun."  


  1. Why can't Idris leave Goitse alone and they are going to end up quarreling again

  2. Idris the clothless and shoeless ingrate.

  3. goitse always looking for sympathy votes.nxaa.tht girl is messed up.
    ldris all the way

  4. Vote tayo#tayo has it to win

  5. Nhla and Luclay's song won??????? yaa this is indeed a game, at Sipe and Natasha's.

  6. Macky 2 the winner

  7. Vote tayo, tayo has it to win