Saturday, November 22, 2014

Boot Camp Class

Housemates looked like they had a crazy Friday night party as they gave no signs of waking up in the morning. When Biggie rang his bell to rouse them from sleep, they only tossed and turned, going back to sleep. Sheillah was forced out of bed by Biggie who summoned her to the diary room to collect batteries.

Some of the housemates began to get out of bed. Goitse crept out of Feza's bed and went outside for some fresh air and sunlight. Sulu was getting up and the bed seemingly held him back! In no time. Botle walked into the house, greeting housemates with a "happy Saturday"!

Botle walked in and woke up some of the housemates for their morning session. She motivated them to join the morning exercise and said that if they wanted to achieve her physical structure, they needed to put some real work in. She tried to get the boys out of bed as she said that she needed some men power outside to help set up. Not all managed to get up.

Some housemates struggled to get up whilst Nhlanhla quickly got outside to help out with the setting up. Botle had music on and asked Biggie to turn it up a notch so that the session could begin. She started housemates off with some warm ups and whilst Nhlanhla and Ellah got started, Botle went back into the house to bring out more housemates.

What did you think of the boot camp class? A little too intense or was it just what the housemates needed to fight the effects of the alcohol from last night?

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