Thursday, November 06, 2014

Butterphly Draws The Line

Butterphly has blossomed into a big girl and handed Permithias the letter of law. The often shy gal from Zimbabwe took a stern turn with her buddy for crossing the line.

While quiet Butterphly was not be taken for a push-over and understood herself enough to know when she felt compromised. She was getting better and better at expressing herself and slowly emerging from under the radar.

Apparently Permithias had been taking liberties in their friendship and perhaps blurring the lines between them in a way that was making her increasingly uncomfortable. There is a way that friends kiss one another that is different from how, say, lovers smooched. It was either Permithias was oblivious to the difference or was merely trying his luck. But not on Butterphly's door he wasn't.

In a fair tone Butterphly levelled with Permithias as someone she considered a friend inside the house. While he was the "touchy-feely" type she was not. For her a kiss was sacred and if they were to carry on as friends he would have to respect that and respect her space.

Permithias was getting closer to Butterphly and he often took refuge with her when life in the game was taking its toll. Sometimes they clicked so well that they were like two peas in a pod. But it was all platonic.

While he retorted that it was only peck on the forehead he later apologised to "Butti" for making her feel uncomfortable and told her he didn't want to lose her friendship. He also then explained to her that he was going to have to be less of himself around her seen as she felt this way. This made things a tad awkward between them as Butterphly wondered how she didn't pick this up about him from the onset. It was clear that she found the whole thing down right suspicious.

Maybe Permithias was just craving that human touch, either way he had to play by Butterphly's rules.


  1. I wish u the best.daughter of soilButterphly.i am happy with ur good new