Monday, November 24, 2014

Butterphly & Idris Fight

The exes have accomplished what they set out to achieve. Hotshots let go last night after the "eviction" show and the drama continued this morning as a fight erupted between Idris and Butterphly.

Bringing up the subject of the champagne which flowed down the housemates' throats last night, Butterphly lost her cool with Idris, accusing him of calling her drunk when she had only had two glasses of the drink.

Trying to remain calm, he said he had not called her drunk, only saying she had had too much. Butterphly vehemently disagreed and let loose on Idris telling him he was always unloading on her and accusing her of things, because she was the only one in the house who would take it. Unleashing her emotions, she told Idris he was always making silly assumptions about her.

She said he was constantly on her case about eating and wasting food, and now drinking too much, and he expected her to be OK with it. She was hurt about his remarks and felt like he accused her of something every day. Idris was taken aback and told her he had been too open with her and should just keep to himself.

Butterphly persisted with the events from the night before, while Idris continued denying calling her drunk. She took the fight out of the shower, and continued the squabble while she did her ironing. Frustrated, Idris eventually relented and tried to apologise, telling her he was sorry and had not meant to hurt her. Butterphly would have none of it and walked off in a huff.

Both were visibly shaken by the fight, but could not find a point of conciliation. They have become close over the past few weeks, but Butterphly had clearly been bottling up certain feelings.

Ellah soon found her way into Idris' arms, trying to console him. He decided he was going to let go of the situation and stay away from Butterphly. He did not want to flip out at her every day and decided that to play it safe he just mind his own business.

Showering him with sweet words, Ellah pulled Butterphly into the conversation and encouraged a group hug, doing her best to reconcile the circle of friends.

However, the tension bubbled to the surface again and Butterphly dragged Idris outside to ask other housemates their opinion about the night before. Nhlanhla's response, about there being too much "emotional tension", was too diplomatic for Butterphly. JJ tried to his best to stay out of the fray, while Macky2 flatly told Butterphly she was wrong. What did you think of the dispute between Idris and Butterphly?

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