Monday, November 10, 2014

Butterphly To Tantalise The Males

Big Brother reminded the housemates that he is always watching. He told them that on Saturday he noticed that Butterphly moved during the freeze task and went on to show the housemates evidence of his observation.

Butterphly had indeed moved during the task. Biggie told them that early last week he had warned them that any housemate defaulting on the freeze task rules would be punished and that their actions would result in automatic nomination.

With Butterphly's case, Biggie said that he had assessed the evidence and concluded that her action was more reflexive than it was deliberate. Big Brother decided that Butterphly’s actions were not worthy of an automatic nomination but could not go unpunished. He decided on a punishment that would fit the crime.

Biggie said that for her punishment, Butterphly would have to give the nearest male housemate a lap dance at the sound of a track that Biggie played. As per Biggie's rules, she was not allowed to stop dancing until the music stopped. The housemates shrieked in laughter and were clearly excited by Butterphly's punishment.

Biggie also provided suitable accessories which she had to keep on for the duration of the punishment. She could only take them off at the end of the punishment, during showering and when asleep.

Butterphly could not believe her fate but she took the punishment well. She quickly went to the store-room to pick up her outfit and put it on. In a couple of minutes, Biggie played the track and Butterphly had to give Tayo a lap dance as he was the closest male to her.

Poor Butterphly felt very awkward and even went to wash her hands afterwards and said that she felt dirty. At least she still had a smile on her face.

What did you think of Butterphly’s punishment?

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  1. I like the lap dances! They had Me LMAO!!! I was waiting anxiously for them!