Sunday, November 16, 2014

Claws Come Out

The house was a swirl of wild emotions after the eviction show and Biggie's announcement. Idris, devastated at losing Samantha, ran straight into Ellah's arms for comfort. Butterphly got uncharacteristically upset, arguing with Idris, but just minutes later they apologised and Ellah made them hug.

The ex-housemates have not even arrived and the drama has already started. Nhlanhla and Tayo were raving in the garden. The former said he has been asking where the drama was in the house and now it looked as if the drama was coming to them.

He said they had nothing to lose and ex-housemates did, but Tayo felt the opposite. He was worried about being up against Uti, a previous winner, saying Big Brother Africa was the platform that made them, and now he could be robbed of his chance to shine.

Tayo was also worried at the advantages the ex-housemates had telling Nhlanhla they were coming prepared and would know their weaknesses. JJ interjected with a joke, saying they would starve them. They decided, though, that they would let the girls into the Jacuzzi and teased the women, saying they were looking for fresh meat.

But the jokes quickly dissipated and the emotions carried on flying. Ellah said she was unperturbed saying she had been the reigning Ugandan in the house, and it would remain that way. JJ, despite having looked highly upset during the announcement, said he was not worried, claiming they were just old housemates, and if they had been celebrities he would have had reason to be concerned.

They started wondering about living arrangements and where the new housemates would sleep. They even speculated that there might be a second house. Sipe kept her cool, saying it was going to be a good week and she thanked Biggie for the men. Idris bemoaned all the hard work they had done, which could all come to nothing, because now "someone else comes and takes the money."

Housemates do not seem to have the kind of confidence they always tell Biggie about and are seriously threatened. This challenge, which Africa knows is just a joke, has shown the housemates' true colours more than anything else and judging by how upset they are, it is clear how much winning means to them. What do you think of Biggie's joke?


  1. If they had taken the trouble to critically analyze last seasons show, especially with JJ still in the house, they would easily deduce that the former housemates are fake contestants. Tayo's argument, plausible as it was, still didn't seem to make them suspect that possibility. It will be an interesting week but I'm sure it may not be easy to keep the secret almost perfect like last season's.

  2. Phhooolish housemates...even JJ, a former fake housemate, can't tell that this is a hoax! Phoolish!

  3. Hw do u know that JJ cant tell its a joke..maybe he does, but would jus wanna maintain the excitement of it..

  4. I blv most of them,if not all dont knw..they r overwhelmed by being in de b in dat hse must b trauma, lets not judge them too much..