Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creating A Food Garden

The year 2014 was the African Union's year of agriculture in Africa and in that light, Biggie introduced  Jacky Allart and Tony Lopes who came into the house to teach housemates how easy it was to cultivate healthy home grown food and also how sexy of an endeavour it could be!

Biggie challenged the hotshots to build a food garden for the Big Brother house which had to be fully installed before the Wednesday evening presentation. They were provided with appropriate tools to begin work on their garden with the help of Jacky and Tony.

Interior designer turned Jacky Allart left the corporate world to take up a course in food production. Having completed several courses and working on the Khalsa Greenhouses  in New Mexico, Jackie has a clear passion for wellness and the effects of food.

For the past six years, Tony Lopes has been involved in helping individuals, school children, sickly people, prisoners, and government employees to set up food gardens. Tony believes that food gardens and appropriate technology go hand in hand.

With the expertise that Biggie had organised, hotshots got dirty as they began their work on their gardens. They quickly planted and soon watered their plants. It was good to see that the hotshots had no problem with getting their hands dirty and had actually appreciated the teachings. Their appreciation for home grown food was becoming evident as some had pledged to invest in agriculture.

Did you learn something from Tony and Jacky?

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