Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Culinary Art

In preparation for Wednesday's grand cook-off, Big Brother wanted housemates to start practising their culinary skills. The Hotshots looked and sounded exhausted, but went to straight to work after the task briefing nevertheless. They displayed an acute knowledge of the culinary world, as they ruminated over recipes and contemplated an exciting variety of ingredients from strawberries and rhubarb to croutons and bass.

The cherry on top of this task presentation is that the Hotshots also have to prepare three 30-second advertisements for Sofa Lounge Lillien Hand Sanitizers. At random moments during the task presentation tomorrow night Biggie will prompt the housemates to present their adverts by announcing "and now a word from our sponsors". When they hear this message, the Hotshots have to start their adverts in a designated advert window, which will be brought into the house tomorrow.

As they spoke about food, Idris helped himself to an evening snack, and Sheillah promptly scolded him for talking and eating at the same time. However, just moments later she was beating a mortar and pestle together and making just as much noise. Meanwhile Nhlanhla, the king of food, had passed out on the couch. 

A few ideas were passed around for the adverts, but the energy was lacking. Housemates were clearly emotionally drained after an eventful day spent dealing with nominations and seeing family members during Big Brother’s freezes. Do you think the housemates will pull off this task presentation and win luxury items for their last week?


  1. Macky 2 through and through!!! tonights cooking will definitely be great

  2. Mk Macky two the great or the genius from zero to hero

  3. macky looks incharge