Friday, November 21, 2014

Dance Floor Selfies

After the kind of week they've had the housemates were hungry for that dance floor. Their date with the Jameson party came not a moment too soon. Malawi's DJ Joy came prepared to shake things up with a sizzling hot playlist of tunes and beats from across the continent.

It was clear the Hotshots brought their A-game this time around to impress and mark their party territory. Having said this however, the party brought the exes and Hotshots more together than anything else.

Swag was dripping from every corner of the dance floor. From Nhlanha, JJ and Idris' hip hop inspired get-ups to Sipe’s gangster empress attitude and Ellah's regal but naughty number. We were like kids in the candy store with all the splendour. The bunch was definitely cooking and good-looking.

M'am Bea let her hair down and shook her tail-feather with Sulu to keep her company on the dance floor. Goitse and Idris found their way to each other for a selfie as did the rest of the housemates. With drinks merrily flowing thanks to the folks at Jameson this party was short of nothing.

Not before too long DJ Joy was instructed to wrap it up ending the party on a high note. Time flew indeed but he left the thrill-seekers in souring spirits. Cheers to the weekend!

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