Monday, November 10, 2014

Diaries: Best Players Named

With only fourteen housemates left, the dynamics are changing and games are being adjusted. Whether or not saved housemates were becoming a target during nominations was something to ruminate upon; but Trezagah certainly felt that seeing who left and who stayed changed things.

Saved housemates were being scrutinised and he pointed out Ellah, as she had been repeatedly nominated and saved. The beauty queen herself thanked Africa for keeping her in, but did admit that she was sad to see Frankie go, because they did not get a chance to explore their relationship.

There will be plenty of time for getting better acquainted outside the house, as Ellah pointed out, and JJ also said he would continue his friendship with Permithias after he left. Nhlanhla was also sad to see Permithias go, but was forthright about Frankie leaving, saying he was too much of a softie and called him a teddy bear.

He also laid out his plans about developing relations with the ladies in the house, mending the rift which he said Sheillah had caused, which he was fully aware of. Biggie joked that he would refer to him as the “puppet master” in future.

When it was Butterphly’s turn in the diary room, Biggie could not resist bringing up the punishment he had dished out. Although she apologised for what had happened during the stripper freeze task, she was embracing the punishment, especially because it would help her get more physically comfortable with people.

When it came to who was playing the game best, Mr. 265 remained evasive; while JJ was asked who he would want with him if he made it to the top five. He name-checked people he saw as strong competitors, because he would want to be at the top with the best.

These names were the “bright and creative” Nhlanhla; “very loud” Tayo; “inspiring” Samantha and Ellah, who he said embraced her role as beauty queen. He also tossed in Butterphly and Idris, saying they had loving and caring souls.

If he had to throw in a wild card, it would be Macky2, who was rubbing people the wrong way, with M’am Bea stating she was uncomfortable with him and not impressed that he had just walked away during the movie task preparation. 

She named Tayo as a strong player who was “out-there” and “not scared to do what he wants.” She was, however, confused about the game, because she was seeing talented people leave so she felt uncertain about what Africa was looking for.

Big Brother did not let up on asking housemates who they thought was playing the game best. Tayo’s name popped up a lot, yet he was feeling very emotional in the diary room telling Biggie that he was still sad about losing Lilian and Esther.

This was something Samantha had picked up on, telling Biggie she would have named him as the one who played the game best, but now that he seemed to be on his own she decided it was Mr. 265. She explained her choice, saying he was “very manipulative and strategic and always conscious of what’s happening around him.” Although not aware of it, Tayo agreed with her, also calling out Mr. 265 as manipulative.

Samantha herself was named as one of the best players by Idris. He was also very happy that his gamble with Butterphly had paid off, and that she had not been evicted. Goitse was looking very bubbly, telling Biggie that she loved Butterphly’s punishment, because it was creating a lot of laughter and helping the Zimbabwean get out of her comfort zone. She also pointed out that Mr. 265 kept close to her in the hopes of getting a lap dance.

Her “best player” was JJ, who she said was very observant, watching people from a distance, yet making sure he was always involved in whatever commotion might be happening. Her top five to end the game with were Trezagah,  M'am Bea, Sipe, Butterphly and herself. Macky2’s choices, besides himself, were Tayo, Nhlanhla, Ellah and Sheillah, throwing in Trezagah as his wild card. It will be interesting to see who gets it right. Who do you think will be the top five?


  1. Tayo is definitely going to be among the top five, macky 2, nhlanla, jj and idris

  2. Tayo is definitely going to be among the top five, macky 2, nhlanla, jj and idris

  3. Tayo,ella,sheila, mambe,nhlakla

  4. It's tricky! Nobody can even guess! Let's wait and see

  5. why is Tayo so popular? he is always picking fights with everyone?

  6. TOP FIVE WILL BE Macky2, ella, nhlanla, tayo and sheila