Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Diaries: Chaos Instigators

The exes are still doing their best to keep the Hotshots riled. However, in the diary room, Sulu told Big Brother they had to be careful not to push the Hotshots too far in case they caught onto the joke.

He told Biggie that almost everyone was fighting and last night's events certainly stood as testament; yet despite the crazy behaviour, Hotshots were trying to get along with the exes. Tayo told Biggie about a one-on-one he had with Luclay, but admitted he was still wary and thought the ex-housemate was playing mind games with him.

When it came to the biggest button pusher, he named Luclay again, but assured Biggie he was onto him and would match him every step of the way. As for Uti, Tayo confidently told Biggie that his fellow Nigerian was a big lion, and if he had been chosen as Tayo's competition it meant he was a big lion too.

Elikem was also pointed out as a button-pusher, particularly when it came to infringing on Sheillah’s role as Head of House. Trezagah, meanwhile, felt the exes were not showing the right respect when it came to the tasks.

He did admit that the ex-housemates had come with an energy that the Hotshots had not had last week, but he was still cautious of their behaviour. Trezagah was surprised at how Leonel changed when he was drunk and was disconcerted with Denzel's behaviour. He told Biggie he was always drunk and breaking things which he did not sweep up. 

His whole demeanour had Trezagah bewildered, and had him telling Biggie he thought Denzel was not from this planet. The exes have certainly brought a completely different atmosphere into the house. What do you think of the ex-housemates and their "alien" behaviour?


  1. its big entertainment though the hotshots are really in big trouble, there egos are scratched too much, please biggie its enough, save them from further trouble

  2. I liked the way butterfly and macky 2 behaved in front of those "offenders" we actually face such challenges in real life and one has to be careful in handling such personalities,

  3. macky2 is the craziest

  4. macky2 craziest


  6. Tayo da craziest