Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Diaries: Game Dynamics

Today it seemed the rain poured on the housemates parade and some entered the diary room in dampened spirits. While some of it may be the cause of some kind of seasonal affective disorder there was a strong sense of anxiety over some things and so housemates were hard at work building up their defences against the elements.

Times were indeed getting tougher and as Tayo pointed out people were taking the game extremely personal, strategizing up and down the corridors and generally being desperate. During his diary session he told Biggie about the conversation he had with some of his adversaries in a bid to iron things out.

While intentions were better Tayo felt that things were said that illustrated just how caught up the act of "strategizing" they all were. Their paranoia and mistrust was unsettling for him and he could never be the same again with them. He certainly wasn't going to change nor compromise himself for anyone. When asked about Samantha winning the Star Gift he simply couldn't care less. He considered her a sister in the past but she had done her fair share of changing and hurting him in the process.

Samantha, it also turned out, felt a regret at taking her gift into the house and ignoring her instincts. Just as she'd predicted some housemates weren’t taking it as well. She was worried about people viewing her as a threat and a disturbing glance that Sipe shot her which gave her the funny feeling that she had added her onto the nomination list. Biggie encouraged her to worry a little less about how people viewed her and continue to play her game.

People saw nothing wrong with Sipe as Head of House except for Sipe herself. She confided in Biggie that she was already facing challenges and insubordination. Without mentioning too many names she felt the burden of having to prove herself because some weren’t taking her seriously in this position. Ellah reported that she saw signs of her ego inflating, just like it did with every other housemates.

Trezagah was as candid as ever with Biggie. For him Sipe feared that people weren’t giving her the respect that they gave previous HoH's. There were choices that she was making about the task that were likely cast her in a bad light with the group.

While nervous about it Idris came to the conclusion that it was a good thing he was up for nomination. He reckoned it was because he was a threat and a strong contender. When Biggie asked him how he was so sure of that he gave Ellah, as did Samantha, as an example of someone who was a strong contender because she was the person with the most nominations but always came out safe.  

The saga between Nhlanhla and Sheillah aslo unfolded in the diary room. Nhlanhla was shifting his gears up and throwing a spanner into the works. According to Sheillah, he had, for the past five weeks, felt that she was "making him a chump in from of Africa". He cooked for her, cleaned up after her and even found the time to give her massages.

For Nhlanhla it was wrong of Sheillah to order him not to make food for the other girls in the house when she carried on making it for other men. Sheillah was also deeply hurt when he told her to let him play his game which she took to mean that their relationship was stifling his strategy. This left her torn and wondering if she had been played by the very person she saw as her support system in the house.

Biggie told her, in not so many words, to play her own game because she came into the game alone. This was sure to sober up bubbly lass up. Let just hope it isn't too late.

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