Monday, November 03, 2014

Diaries: Game Plans

Today Biggie wanted to know if housemates were cracking under the pressure of the game or whether they were merely cracking up at it. While housemates might have been thrilled at the prospect of Comedy Week this week, were they really in any position to crank up the funny after all the exacting they were taking from the game?

Housemates were thrilled about Comedy Week and thought the new "freeze" task to be side-splitting if not startling. Buttephly, ever the sleeping beauty, was first to admit that she was constantly caught snoozing when Biggie called freeze time. She and Nhlanhla asked for Biggie to slow it down with all the freezing but Macky2 was more than happy to be kept on his toes.

Biggie also wanted to know who was a style-cramper  and who's style was in danger of being cramped. We couldn't quite tell which side of that fence Tayo fell on. He told Biggie that nominating was messing with his mind.

He was glad that Sheillah wouldn’t find out that he put her up last week and felt bad for nominating his buddy Samantha this week. She annoyed him during a conversation about strategy and now that they had sorted it out he felt guilty and again, hoped she wasn’t up or out because of him. Wishy-washy much Tayo?

Samantha even spoke her truth to Tayo's tendencies. She attributed it to a sneaky and cunning strategy on his part. Biggie had once asked housemates if they felt Tayo's apology was sincere and Samantha felt that it was all part of his game; to rile people up, take cheap shots, stir the pot and come back later on begging for mercy. 

Strategy man himself Nhlanhla walked into the diary room the face of fatigue but this didn't stop him from throwing his bones on the topic of game-plans. When Biggie asked how things were going with he and Sheillah he confessed that there was a rift that grew between them last week because of a small altercation.

He was less worried about the state of things between them than he was about what their relationship meant to some housemates who seemed to have interests in it. Peoples concern, whether in good or bad sprits, would always make him weary and he’d be on the look-out for it.

He also noticed best buds Sipe and Goitse were showing cracks. While Goitse was getting shorter and snappier in her responses Sipe was territorial over Goitse in a tug of friendship war with Sheillah. Nhlanhla promised he’d put a spanner in the works and build a rift in between Sipe and Goitse to expose Sipe for using first Resa and now Goitse as a crutch.

Whether Nhlanhla was maybe just defending his Sheillah, it remained to be seen.

Goitse told Biggie that Ellah was cramping her style by passing a compliment that she was cute. She couldn’t tell by her tone whether it was meant as a compliment or a complaint.

Housemates agree with Idris that this was his week and reckoned he'd do well as the Head of House because of his military background. Also Comedy Week had his name written all over it most felt. Goitse, JJ and Butterphly on the other hand, felt that he might let the power get to his head but were rooting for him none-the-less.

Comedy often came from a dark place so we wondered if housemates would take their pent up frustration and poke the funny out of it because this was the week to do just that. 

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  1. Nhlanhla Nhlanhla! I hope this guy is not evicted this week!