Thursday, November 20, 2014

Diaries: Livening Up

With housemates looking all elegant and spiffy in Elikem's creations Biggie wanted to know if they were feeling as good as they looked. With friendships being tested amongst the Hotshots and the ex-housemates – or in Sipe's crafty words the "Notshots" – chopping and changing their attack tactics there was indeed a lot to talk about.

Biggie commended housemates for their lively dress sense today. All looked just the perfect part with Goitse standing out as a true beaut. Even Biggie just had to say "wow"! She was grateful to Elikem for the dress as she figured it was made just for her. She was also someone who, instead of cracking like the others, was enjoying the newness of the ex-housemates and making friends. She was particularly getting close to Luclay and Feza.

Luclay was first in for these top of the morning diary sessions. He marked Tayo and Macky2 out as possessing a winning spirit felt that he didn’t need to be loud to get to the housemates. It seemed this season we were seeing a cool, calm and collected “Otono”, a far cry from the Big Brother Amplified housemate.

Butterphly walked in an afflicted patient on Biggie's chair and we all know she was a victim of some bullying in the house and it was starting to show. The level headed radio jockey from Zimbabwe was having hard time with her country mates Vimbai. She felt the celebrity was crossing the line with her by dragging her children into her every snide remark towards her.

Vimbai admitted she may have pushed Butterphly too far and felt bad but for Pete's sake, she was tired of this composed perception of Butterphly. She wanted to the wring the personality out of her. She reckoned she was doing a good a job of it because Butterphly was starting to wake up and play the game.

Then there was Ellah, the other side of this saga. She declared to Biggie that she was quite fed up and was no longer going to entertain Vimbai – who was always finding the space and time to hurt her feelings. She appreciated the garment from Elikem and decided she was going to give as good as she got.

Uti and Denzel also echoed the fact that there was such a thing as crossing the line and perhaps Hotshots had to think up different softer strategies than they were launching into now. Leonel and Miss P however, still meant business and were amped up for more. Both of them reported that they were bored with housemates; they were much too serious for their liking. According to this devious pair it was only right to crank up the heat. 

It was the cutest thing to see the chained up Nhlanhla and Sheillah lovingly accompany the other to diary sessions. And it was even cuter when Biggie called off their punishment. By the looks of things the couple were happy to carry on this punishment for longer required because for them it was no punishment being joint at the hip with someone of whom you were so fond.

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  1. Goitse realy realy stood out!! She luked breathtaking.......woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!