Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Diaries: Talking Alone

Did anybody notice that there was something a little different about the diary room today? Something was missing… or was it someone? Yes that's right. Big Brother himself pulled a no-show on the housemates for their diaries today. And since he wasn't in, all they got through to was a voice mail on which they were instructed to leave Biggie a message about their day.

Always looking forward to their time in Biggie's therapy chair to get it all off their chests, housemates were caught off guard and so kept their session short. M'am Bea's was shortest as she gave Biggie a quick update on rehearsals and how she was hoping  they would meet target. Without paying too much attention to it she hurried off convinced it was just a glitch in the system. It must’ve flew over this "woman of substance's" head.

But M'am Bea wasn't alone, housemates carried on as they were instructed to leaving their diary messages for Biggie and ignoring that nagging feeling. Not one of them asked or questioned what was going on. Tayo reported his altercation with Mr.265 in the morning while poor Trezagah, with so much gossip to spill as usual, was cut short and wanting.

We saw Mr.265 raise his brow in suspicion but he also managed to fit his day in before the tone sounded. And for Sipe her reign as Head of House was proving to be a downright challenging gig.

Something was amiss... were the housemates as hip to the game as they thought they were? Because no one spun a twits as far as old Big Brother did that’s for sure.

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