Friday, November 14, 2014

Diaries: That Awkward Moment

Today's diary sessions left much - or maybe even too little – to be desired. Figgie was breaking each and every rule in the rule book. As brazen as ever that unbridled lass needed absolutely no excuses to misbehave. Figgie once again pushed their buttons to the point of darn awkward.

She was here to start the party and start it inside the dairy room with some one-on-one hanky-panky with the housemates. The topic was their drink of choice – seen as hers was gin and juice which she was having tons too much of. The other question on the table was whose moves they were looking forward to at tonight's Absolut Mustachio Party.

Most were high on water but promised that their beverages would be a whole lot more spicier tonight.

In and amongst shameless flirting Figgie managed to wring it out of the guys. JJ, of course, couldn't wait to see Samantha do that thing she does on the dance floor. For Mr. 265, Ellah would be the thing to look out tonight and Nhlanhla had himself a date with his beau-forever Sheillah.

The girls would be putting their best and most fashionable feet forward ready to look and feel like the disco queens they were. Ellah seemed perturbed at the fact that Nhlanhla and Sheillah had found their way back into each other's arms. She also gave Figgie the low down on their ins and outs. We wonder if it all ruined plans to seduce Nhlanhla at the party. She then rounded off her session with a twerk here and twerk there. 

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