Monday, November 17, 2014

Diaries: Thoughts On Figgie

Biggie was interested in finding out four things from the housemates in the diary room today: What they thought of Figgie in his absence, how their weekend was, their thoughts around the ex-housemates joining them in the house soon and the departure of Samantha and Mr. 265.

Ellah said that she felt they needed Figgie's intervention in their game as she brought them back to the right path since they were losing track. She also said that Figgie revived the passion within each of the hotshots and Idris reiterated this point. Sipe said that she was grateful for Figgie's criticism as did Nhlanhla, who said they were very useful. Goitse told Biggie that Figgie was hard on them, a little rude, but that all was good in the end. Trezagah thought that Figgie was less threatening, playful and funny!

The housemates all seemed to have had a fairly good weekend in the absence of Biggie and said that it was unexpected to see Samantha leave the house yesterday. Ellah said that she was surprised to see Sipe's nomination leave the house and that she wouldn't miss Mr. 265 much as he always told her what to do. Butterphly said that seeing Samantha and Mr. 265 leave was traumatic for her as she wept silly. She said she loved Samantha to bits and that Mr. 265 meant something special to her. Idris said that he was really broken to see Samantha leave but pulled himself together to face the "new" housemates joining them.

In relation to the ex-housemates joining them in the house, Nhlanhla said that he was completely thrown off balance with the announcement yesterday and could smell the finish line getting closer. He said that he was shaken about his new competition, Luclay, and was also scared for Tayo as Uti was a strong competitor.

Goitse said that she was intimidated by Miss P but was also ready for the challenge. Trezagah said that there was war in the house as new soldiers were in town. Overall, housemates were happy to have Biggie back and Butterphly and Ellah were particularly glad to have him back.

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