Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Diaries: Veterans vs. Newbies

The old housemates were happy to chat to Big Brother again in the diary room; for many it had been years since they got a chance to speak to Biggie. Sulu felt privileged to be in the house once more. He told Biggie that he had come into the game thinking he would get close to Ellah, but was connecting with Goitse instead. He sensed friction with Nhlanhla, because he thought he had attitude.

During Macky2's session, he was scolded again for wearing sunglasses in the house. For him, the game now felt like the first week – worse, in fact, with the originals coming in and being very disrespectful with the Hotshots' belongings.

He was not threatened by fellow Zambian Sulu, because they are very different people. He admitted to having watched him before and said he was outspoken and loud, whereas Macky2 himself was quieter and more of a listener.

A lot of the Hotshots pointed out their concern that the originals were coming in with an advantage, having possibly watched them before they arrived and ascertaining their weaknesses. Biggie, however, told them to carry on playing their game, especially as it had saved them so far.

From the originals, Biggie wanted to know who was feeling the pressure. Natasha said Tayo was worried about Uti, knowing that the latter was already a big hit and a previous winner. She mentioned Sipe too, and that Idris has been intimidated by Feza at first. The immaculate Malawian also made Biggie very happy when she told him she was already cleaning the house. 

Sipe, for her part, was warming up to her fellow Malawian saying that Natasha was very relaxed. However, she knew the originals were playing mind games with the Hotshots and it was driving her crazy. She knew exactly what they were doing, and yet she could not help being frustrated. Sipe was not a fan of Miss P, calling her a queen bee. Will we see the two pretty ladies come to blows?

Sheillah sounded very low, having to bear the responsibility of being Head of House during an especially tough week. She had already swallowed a lot of pride, particularly during her dispute with Elikem. She liked Sulu, however, who she said was an open book.

Miss P told Biggie straight up she was not playing nice, and looking for ways to sneak around Sheillah to get to Nhlanhla. She wanted to conspire with Biggie to become Sheilla's HoH assistant, but Biggie would not play ball. However, he did say that Miss P was free to insinuate that Biggie had said she could be Sheillah's little helper.

Goitse seemed to be getting along well with the originals and pointed out Natasha, Feza and Denzel as old housemates she was getting along with.

Uti was loving it, telling Big Brother he has just been laughing, because he can see they are all scared. He was enjoying poking fun at his friend Tayo, but trying to keep him calm at the same time, saying that Tayo, whom he called a rebel without a cause, was letting things get to him.

Luclay was happy to see his fellow Amplified mates, but thought Denzel, whom he did not know, was weird. It was interesting to consider the flip side of things: namely, how the old housemates viewed previous players they did not know. He said, however, that he was trying not to get into situations with anyone, but if he was pushed he would push back.

It seemed like the originals were definitely on the offensive, with the Hotshots on the defensive. Denzel even admitted he absolutely loved messing with people and said Nhlanhla did not like them being around.

Tayo himself called out a lot of his fellow Hotshots' defensive behaviour. He said JJ was in denial about the situation being real,  Ellah thought she had power over Denzel, Sheillah talked too much and was telling people to shut up, and Nhlanhla and Macky2 had been very irritated during the originals' arrival last night. There was a lot more drinking in the house, and he felt all the "real selves" were coming out.

Despite a lot of people saying he was under pressure, Nhlanhla was grateful for the drama and entertainment. However, he did confess that he felt intimidated; but that their status as Hotshots was validated nevertheless. He also said he was putting Sheilla's mind in the right place, knowing that people were aware of their relationship and probably viewed it as a weakness. He said they had to be aware of people pushing their buttons, and was already cautious of Miss P's advances, saying "I'm in ultimate defence mode."

Ellah put on a brave face for Biggie, completely aware that the originals were trying to break them down, but feeling that it was only proof that they could see something strong in them. Do you think the Hotshots should carry on being defensive, or should they try a different tactic?


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