Thursday, November 06, 2014

Diary Room Confessions

In the diary room, everyone told Big Brother they were really happy that they had won the task presentation, but he was more interested in probing them about the festivities that turned sour the night before after they received plenty of alcohol from Biggie.

Mr. 265 told Biggie the source of the tension was "the third party", namely someone who butted into other people’s fights without knowing the whole story. At Biggie's insistence, he named Tayo and Sipe as third party types, but the latter admitted that she did not know why she had become involved in the argument and should probably have kept her distance.

Frankie confessed he did not have the guts to go straight to Ellah about his crush, and said he thought they had been joking around in the kitchen last night, before realising that Ellah was being serious and truly upset.

Butterphly felt housemates were using drinking as a platform to tell people how they really felt, which she did not think was advisable. Nevertheless, she told Biggie they had still had a lot of fun. Big Brother asked her a few tough questions too, wondering if she was being targeted by Mr. 265; but the Zimbabwean was confused, uncertain of the signals Mr. 265 was sending.

There was a firm reminder about house rules when Macky2 entered, with Biggie telling him not to wear his sunglasses inside the house. Permithias was also scolded for not coming to the diary room as soon as had been called. We've already seen strikes and punishments in the past few weeks. With housemates forgetting simple rules and getting embroiled in one another's problems, will we see someone else slip up?

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