Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Diary Room Tears

The tone in Biggie's house changed abruptly as metal music blasted through the different rooms, just as the housemates were having fun playing with all the props they had received. Idris was not at all fazed and carried on like a rock star, donning plastic glasses and bouncing around the floor while Goitse, Sipe and M'am Bea giggled along. Sheillah and JJ carried on cooking, before the latter meandered over to Samantha to discuss her diet.

In the diary room, Big Brother wanted to know whom housemates missed the most. Macky2, who is in a relationship, said he missed his girlfriend very much. Nhlanhla would have loved to see his little brother, or otherwise one of his friends. For Samantha, it was her sisters. Butterphly missed her daughter, but when it came to Tayo, Biggie wanted to know which adults he missed, and three close friends of his were mentioned. He could not help sobbing when he thought of them. Frankie has also shed tears when he spoke to Biggie about his son.

Of the housemates who left, Trezagah missed Alusa who always hugged him and made an effort to connect with him by learning Portuguese words. Personally, he missed his son, girlfriend and mother. Mr. 265 longed to see his best friend, Goitse missed her little nephew while Ellah, Sipe, Permithias and Idris missed their mothers most.

Big Brother was also being very mischievous, telling housemates to freeze during their diary sessions. Biggie is right when he says he can make jokes too, even if they are a bit naughty. Seeing as it's Comedy Week, housemates need to be on their toes and expect a few more jokes from Biggie. But overall, it was an emotional time as housemates contemplated whom they missed most on the outside.

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  1. Ellah bend n pick the battery cans then freeeeeeze! Aw Biggie