Friday, November 07, 2014

Dissecting Samantha

Isn't it commonly suggested that women are the biggest gossipers when compared to boys (especially)? Well, JJ and Nhlanhla have proved this suggestion wrong as they sat down and spent a good while discussing Samantha, convinced to have unlocked her whole strategy.

The two spoke in hushed tones, making it more obvious that they were in actual fact gossiping. Nhlanhla said that Samantha was losing in her own game and JJ said that often times, Samantha said things without giving them much though and then later forgets what she let out. The boys agreed that the way Samantha tried to get her points across revealed much of who she really is and exposed her game simultaneously.

JJ was convinced that Samantha was hiding behind other characters to "come at him" but instead side-lined him without realising what she really was doing. The two boys convinced each other that Samantha was out as she continuously used different mechanism to defend herself. We wonder if our gossip kings have hit the nail on the head.

Housemates were soon ordered to go outside for a moment and hotshots had a moment to bod. One group (including Tayo, Goitse, Butterphly and Sipe) spoke about their favourite singers and actors, adding which they would most likely marry. Tayo shared how he would definitely marry Rihanna (an American singer) and specifically liked that she could change personalities in becoming whomever she wanted to be.

The other group of housemates spoke about each other as housemates. Samantha said that she would never hold it against anyone if they had nominated her because it was about money. Mr. 265 advised that they should not take things personally. Idris kept quiet, listening to the conversation. Could he have been feeling guilty for nominating his friend Butterphly? Or maybe convincing himself that Butterphly would just have to not take the nomination personally?

Things are surely getting heated in Biggie's house! Do you think the boys have cracked Samantha's game plan?

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