Friday, November 14, 2014

DJ Tass Gets Them Dancing

Although some housemates took long to join the party, DJ Tass from Tanzania was on time and got the party started! Tayo was ever ready and got dancing as soon as the music came on, with a drink in hand.

Ellah got dancing as well and Idris soon joined her, getting up close and personal to the Ugandan queen. The night would surely see couples getting close! Butterphly did not disappoint her friend as she soon began coordinating dance moves for which Idris copied. The pair have shown to be inseparable as they often played together. Butterphly was great entertainment and seemed to have come out of her shell – good for her!

In not time, Samantha joined in on the fun, stealing Idris away from the ladies for a moment. Housemates soon filled the dance floor as they found it increasingly difficult to resist the fine tunes dished out by DJ Tass.

Idris was the definite star of the dance floor as he danced himself silly - perhaps he was more excited about having a deejay from home, who knows? The hotshot did not disappoint as he was clearly out for a good time!

The party could not even succeed in bringing Goitse and Sipe together. Goitse danced ever so well on her own whilst Trezagah looked on, dashing in his outfit. Sipe also wiggled herself silly as she looked at herself in the mirror whilst she danced. Nhlanhla finally resurrected and joined the party and dished out some subtle dances on the floor.

Some housemates made a circle and danced as Tayo led them. It was evident that they were having the time of their lives. Thanks to DJ Tass. More dancing ensued as did the drinking and some housemates looked to be having more fun than others. The deejay finally left and left the housemates in high spirits.

What did you make of the party? How would you rate DJ Tass on the ones and twos?

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