Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dragging Their Feet

Housemates were thoroughly tired from yesterday's party. Biggie threw in all kinds of noises to wake the housemates up in the morning but the hotshots slept right through them. From a scream, a church bell, a barking dog, a crying horse and other outrageous and strange noises were used to rouse but they did not easily rise. Mr. 265 and M'am Bea had long been up and JJ was called by Biggie to have the housemates reminded that from the moment they wake up, they should have their microphones on. He was told that there would be consequences if this rule was not adhered to.

Nico was soon in the house, and into the bedroom to wake the rest of the housemates for their morning exercise. Macky2 was next to rise as did Trezagah who quickly rose and announced that he was the king of waking up in the morning. Nico said he doubted that as he was still in bed. Trezagah soon screamed for the housemates of "Beverly Hills" (upstairs) to get up and get ready for the exercise. JJ excused himself, saying that he had back-pains and was awaiting a specialist to attend to him. Nico was seriously at work and assured the head of house that he would make sure that they did special exercises and that there wouldn’t be any jumping.

Nico was soon outside, clearing up the garden and arranging the space for the housemates. He went back into the house to call out the sleepy hotshots. Frankie told him he wasn't feeling well and Nico assured him that it would be a light exercise. Butterphly was clearly not keen but Nico was not discouraged, preaching that exercise was good for them.

The boys (Nhlanhla, Idris, Mr. 265, Macky2 and Tayo), were quickly outside and had begun on the day's morning routine. JJ sat down, doing harmless exercises that wouldn't strain his back. The ladies and some of the gents were taking their time back in the house, brushing their teeth and washing their faces. Permithias and Butterphly could not bring themselves to waking up and continued sleeping.

The morning exercise was not as light as Nico had promised but it was just what the housemates needed. It was a day before the eviction show and the Extravaganza performances were scheduled for the day. Housemates needed all the energy to face the day ahead.

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