Monday, November 10, 2014

Emotional Roller Coaster

It seemed the house, well the ambience of it anyways, was dealt a soft blow with the departure of song birds Frankie and Permithias. With the pair leaving during last night's eviction we swear we heard the crickets chirp us through the awkward silences.

Just moments before nominations took place some of the housemates took a moment to mourn the fallen Hotshots and pace themselves with the rate at which the game was going. While Mr.265 ran about the house in a shamelessly chirper mood - he was even heard saying that Frankie deserved to leave, but then blamed it on a slip of the tongue - M'am Bea and Samantha took stock.

They spoke about how, in hindsight, Permithias seemed to know that he was on his way out. The last couple of weeks had been tough on the guy. They were filled with tears, sad songs and a roller coaster of emotions. But on Sunday morning he woke up a different man or rather a better man, a man at peace with his fate.

He put on his Sunday best and said his personal, heartfelt goodbye’s to each of his friends in the house. He gave a napping M'am Bea a kiss on the forehead and then retreated to his favourite place; perched over a guitar and singing.

M'am Bea also pointed out how Tayo would be affected by Frankie leaving and voiced her worry over that. They both agreed that the coming week would be one to look out for, especially with Tayo having lost one of his very few friends in the house.

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