Thursday, November 06, 2014

Epic Freeze

Throughout the morning housemates had been on tenterhooks, tensing up every time they heard Big Brother's voice, worried that a freeze was imminent. The inevitable happened in the late morning, as the housemates were spread across the different rooms.

Most of them had been at their ease when the freeze was announced, but when a mischievous clown entered the house it became a lot more difficult for housemates to hold their composed features. The clown was up to no good, prancing up the Hotshots, peering into their faces before dousing them with whipped cream.

Most of the ladies, including Ellah and Sipe, got cream on their hair; while Sheillah got it in her wig. A lot of the men received a paper plate of the good stuff in their faces. M’am Bea had a creamy smile whipped onto her face. Luckily, Nhlanhla was not tempted to eat the cream, but he did comfort himself with a plate of food afterwards.

After being told to unfreeze Sipe, her hair and face full of cream, unfroze and burst out laughing, even telling Biggie she could not be upset, because she thought the freeze was very funny. Tayo, however, was not at all impressed. Goitse, on the other hand, was a lot more relaxed about the freeze than before, even managing a giggle or two.

Once the clown left the house, Biggie tormented the housemates by taking his time before telling them to unfreeze. They erupted with laughter as always once they unfroze. Samantha had escaped unscathed, having been frozen in the bathroom. The clown had banged on the door, but as she was not allowed to move to open it, she stayed rooted to the spot.

After sumo wrestlers, clowns and shiny half-naked men, what could Big Brother have in store for the next freeze?

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