Thursday, November 06, 2014

Extravaganza: Comedy Of Errors

It's Extravaganza time again, time to put on a show.  Fit for Comedy Week today's installment of the extravaganza task is called a 'Comedy of Errors'. A form of comic theatre and entertainment, a Comedy of Errors take its roots from the Shakespearean play of the same name. The kind of humour employed here is often satirical, witty and even slapstick in tone.

The play pokes fun at aspects of culture and everyday life and situation through puns ambiguity, misunderstanding, mistaken identity and a witty play on words. This kind of theatre is farcical which means it is performed in highly exaggerated and extravagant gesture.

Idris was instructed to randomly pick names out of a top hat to create two teams. Seven names were selected for Team A and the remaining names made up Team B. Teams were then assigned two themes but had to roll a large dice to pick one. Themes are based on passages lifted off of Shakespearean plays and culture. They are "O Yea of Conspiracy" and "The Strangeness of Strangers". The teams are:

Team A: O Yea of Conspiracy

Idris, Macky2, Sipe, Ellah, Frankie, Butterphly, Goitse and Mr.265.

Team B: The Strangeness of Strangers

JJ, Trezagah, Samantha, Sheillah, Permithias, Nhlanhla, M'am Bea and Tayo.

Both teams have to put on theatrical productions. They are to conceive of and write an original script based on the themes and settings. At least two characters have to perform in Shakespearean style and teams will mount the stage one after the other on extravaganza night.

Biggie certainly didn't lie about upping the stakes in tasks. Fare the well, Housemates!

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