Saturday, November 01, 2014

Extravaganza: Downtown Beats vs. Urban Pulse

It was yet another exhilarating Extravaganza and the Hotshots were sizzling! Considering the difficulty they had with the style initially, the housemates had to pour all their energy and creativity into pulling off their performances. 

Taking to the stage first was Team A (Downtown Beats), with intense drumming and melancholy humming backed by impassioned raps from Butterphly and then JJ. The story focused on survival and struggle in the city, hopping from one urban scenario to the next. Kacey Moore also rapped, while Idris and Luis had a go at break dancing. Tayo was on drums and Sipe put everything she had into her monologue about reaching for dreams.

Focusing on the hustle in the city and working "9 to 5" was Team B (Urban Pulse). Nhlanhla and Frankie looked sharp in suits, while Permithias added a tune with his guitar. Ellah and Goitse came on stage as working girls, getting the beat going with catchy rhymes. The team also made good use of the shadow boxes.

Remember: Housemates of the winning team will be immune from nominations in the week to come.

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