Sunday, November 09, 2014

Extravaganza: Team B Wins!

Team B took the extravaganza win for Comedy Week! Their performance piece "The Strangeness of Strangers" stood head, shoulders and funny bones above the rest screeching in first with a "Comedy of Errors" that had is in stitches!

This means that Team A who performed "O Yea of Conspiracy" lost their chance at immunity while Team B laughed their way to immunity and a worry-free week. In a game where nomination was a kind of bad tax immunity was a saving grace.

The immune housemates are:
JJ, Trezagah, Samantha, Sheillah, Permithias, Nhlanhla, M'am Bea, Tayo

For some, like Tayo and M'am Bea, who were often lucky enough to be in the winning team, it was yet another achievement to hang up on their wall of achievements. For the gone, but not forgotten Permithias it was downright bitter sweet. He could've used that safety card.

The game was passed the half-way mark and with the end just about creeping into sight the house is becoming a battle field. Were we entering something of a dog-eat-dog stage of the game? The coming weeks would be telling of this with the extravaganza tasks and each opportunity to win immunity.

With the clock ticking Africa would be sitting at the edge of their seats watching the Hotshots play their game.

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