Saturday, November 08, 2014

Extravaganza: Team A or B?

The Extravaganza show was quite an interesting watch if we must say! While Team A's performance was harmless, Team B's performance ruffled the feathers of some members of Team A. The script writers (Nhlanhla and JJ) seemed to have set out to touch on personal issues as they passed comments about their fellow housemates in the competing team.

Team A was first up on stage and although they were a little slow in starting, they eventually got into their performance and presented their skit. It was a somewhat confusing plot that wasn’t easy to follow and understand. Macky2 was first on stage and started things off. Butterphly was one of the impressive actors.

Even though their script was not easy to follow, there was notable drama and funny moments.

Team B was next up on stage – Trezagah and Tayo were the first on stage and got the show going. From the beginning of their play, the team passed comments about other housemates belonging in the competing team. The script writers clearly had a bone to pick with some of the housemates and used the Extravaganza as a platform to tease.

Team A tried their best to use the British accent in their play but Sheillah struggled even though her acting was plausible. Their story-line was however clearer and easy to follow.

The lines are open and you can cast your vote and decide who wins the Extravaganza this week. Which was your favourite performance? Click "HERE" to vote!


  1. what are u people doing team A pls team B is the winner

  2. Team B is the winner, A was just a sleeping tablet

  3. Team B is the winner, A was just a sleeping tablet

  4. Biggie let d nominations be for every one coz team A is likely to loose .2 Or 3 members tonight,how will they nominate only 5 pple n moreover goitse is already up.d game is getting boring biggie We need competition

  5. Writing on the wall,Team B..