Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Members Enter The House

Big Brother showed just how tough he could make things when he announced a freeze and instead of sending in clowns, celebrities or strippers, he sent in members of the Hotshots' families.

The previous Extravaganza's results were extremely close, which led Biggie to decide that all the Hotshots deserved a message from their family and friends. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the messages were to come during freeze tasks.

Nhlanhla's little brother, Sabelo, was the first family member to enter the house and joined his frozen brother on the couch with a special message from home.

He told him that his family was proud of him and they could not believe he had gotten so far. Sabelo wanted to hug his brother, but he was not allowed to even touch him. He hoped that all Nhlanhla's goals and aspirations would be fulfilled, because he knew how much he wanted to win. Sabelo even slipped in mention of Goitse, wishing her and the other housemates all the best in the house.

As soon as Sabelo left and Biggie told housemates they could unfreeze, Nhlanhla hid his face in his hands breathing deeply. When he eventually removed his hands, the tears were pouring down his cheeks.

He barely had time to recover before Biggie announced another freeze and sent in M'am Bea's father. He hoped his daughter was doing well, and said her family missed her a lot. He encouraged her to go even further in the game and win the money.

At the sound of Biggie's gong, her father had to depart and after wondering around looking last he found the exit, bid her farewell and walked away. Biggie made the moment even harder for the housemates by playing tender music in the background as a soundtrack to their pain.

Once they unfroze, M'am Bea burst into tears and collapsed to the ground. It's certainly not going to be an easy week. What did you think of the freeze task with loved ones?


  1. Biggie !!!!! why are you punishing this Future celeb.............Na wa oh There is God oh, There is God in watever u re doing to this hotshot house mates...............

  2. I'm pray nhlanhla he not up were can voter for voter

  3. For dis frozen by Biggie de3 I no b gud ooo Aah....Biggie why???

  4. Mam bea ´ and mac2 go go go to de top...!!

  5. Mac2 Mac2 Mac2...z de winnerrrrrrrrrr

  6. ncoooooh Nhlanhla's bro yoh he is kind'a cute o robalA yang o bone bro yo o nyc sooooo ..,.,..'hahaaaaahaaa homies yaka shame