Monday, November 10, 2014

Feeling Blessed

Sipe was very excited when she won the Head of House title and soon after her duties as HoH had started, she went upstairs, got into her bed and read the Bible. She said that she was grateful to God for favouring her with the win.

She read a Bible verse for a minute or so and soon put the book aside, calling for Goitse's attention, who had been lying next to her. Goitse did not look like much of a happy-chappy and nor did she seem to be any interested in Sipe's testimony.

Sipe told Goitse that she had been feeling down from being up for nomination. She explained that it wasn't just being up for nomination that bothered her but it was the people she’d be nominated with and recalled Goitse's name and Mr. 265's. she said that she had also been feeling like nothing and was glad that the HoH title came as it made her feel much better about herself.

Goitse seemed to be worrying about her own problems as she later said that this week would be particularly horrible for her as she was up for possible eviction. Sipe tried to make her feel better and said that her mother back at home was probably campaigning for her as she was her friend.

It was clear that the win meant a great deal to Sipe. We do not recall seeing her read the Bible as furiously as she did. The new HoH begun her duties, and went straight onto drawing up the house duty list. Goitse helped her with this and it seemed she had shaken off her bad mood, at least for the time being.

Are you as happy as Sipe is about her win of the HoH title?

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