Monday, November 17, 2014

Feza Counsels Goidris

Feza told Idris and Goitse that they could potentially work out together in a relationship as they were opposites that could easily attract. She advised them to both calm down and work out their differences.

Goitse accused Idris of being "everywhere" and Idris blamed Goitse for pushing him away. Goitse shared their past drama with Feza who listen with keen interest and assured the "couple" that she was older and had a little more experience and wisdom with regards to their situation.

Feza said that Idris needed to learn to be a little serious and that Goitse needed to learn to have fun a little and said that Idris was impatient which was why he was "everywhere". The two giggled as they were advised by "big sister" Feza and it looked like Goitse was definitely warming up to Idris.

Feza said that Idris was trying to make Goitse jealous by being with the other women in the house but said that Goitse needed to calm down as strong as she was, and understand the nature of men that even at an older age, they still behaved more or less the same.

She advised the two to try to meet somewhere and develop an understanding of each other. She also told Goitse that she reckoned she was a good woman with a good heart but had to calm down nonetheless.

Do you think Feza gave them the right advice? And what do you anticipate will happen between the two?


  1. I realy dont care!!! Tayo is craziest!!

  2. TayO the craziest house mate

  3. We know tayo is d craziest in da house

  4. Yeah i think she did

  5. That was very r8t, but idris da cresiest.

  6. Feza was right, but I don't think the two will ever find their way! Goitse doesn't really care about Idris and idris is too wild for her type! So they might be attracted to each other but it will never work between them. They are just too different!