Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Figgie Is Back!

In another thrilling change of events housemates were pleasantly surprised to hear Figgie, and not Biggie, make the general announcements into the house. The diary session confirmed our suspicions. Indeed that high pitched voice with a tinge of the queen’s accent came resounding out of the diary room. She kicked the diary session off with a bang demanding that housemates catch her up on the various goings-on.

First in was JJ and he didn’t do such a great job catching her up but he did tell her that he was surprised at all the coupling up in the house since the exes' reign last week. Figgie also touched a soft spot when he asked how he’d been since Samantha walked the plank out of the house. He missed her sorely.

Next up was the boss lady herself Sheillah who was thrilled to confirm for herself that Figgie was indeed back. She, like her fellow housemates, had missed the feisty old gal. But she was sad about being nominated and the fact that during her Head of House reign her immunity was obsolete. Figgie commiserated but promptly reminded her that is was after all a game.

She and her on-again off-again beau Nhlanhla did as much side-stepping and beating-about-the-bush as they could to avoid the question of their relationship. She sung her old song that they weren’t dating while Nhlanhla expressed that he would never deny Sheillah.

M'am Bea as always was the poster child for all things right politically correct which sometime – for all intents and purposes – irked Figgie when all she ever wanted was for housemates to dish the dirt for goodness sake! Figgie was upset that she knew about all the coupling up in the house but never shared the scoop. But M’am Bea couldn’t help that she always played on the right side of the fence.

Trezagah and Tayo admit that last week with the exes tested their game but they were proud of themselves for not cracking under pressure. This was curious as Figgie reminded Trezagah of his screaming match with Sulu and how the two were more alike than they were different. He admitted that Sulu was indeed always on his case.

Figgie could not hide her crush on one Macky2 and the fact that he was Head of House seemed to raise his appeal. So much so he asked him to marry her to which he vehemently said no. Naughty, naughty Figgie put in a request with every girl who came in after Macky2 to remind him of her proposal.

All in all Figgie was back to commend the bunch for a job well done and for being stellar representative of their countries.

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