Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Final Preparations

Ellah and Butterphly worked very hard on the task during the night, experimenting in the kitchen and getting into the swing of all things foodie. Upstairs Macky2, JJ and Nhlanhla tried to work on the adverts and threw a few food thoughts around as well.

The tasks and extravaganzas have undoubtedly allowed the Hotshots to brush up and improve their creative skills, and the innovation that can be found in food was no exception.

To prepare for the task and celebrate Creative Food Week, housemates were introduced to ONE campaign ambassadors Dr Sipho Moyo, Mpule Kwelagobe and Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, who educated and informed the Hotshots on agriculture in Africa and living sustainably off the land.

This idea was put into practice when Jacky Allart and Tony Lopes came to the house to help the Hotshots start a garden and taught them how easy it is to grow and cultivate their own food.

Today we'll get to watch the housemates apply what they've learnt and put their creative ability to the test with Big Brother's cook-off during the task presentation.

However, before they get to the task, housemates have more freezes to anticipate and seeing their loved ones in the house. Sunday is also just around the corner, meaning that nominations and evictions are on everyone's minds.

Trezagah for one, decided to start his styling early, as Sheillah treated his hair last night. He was not waiting until the end of the week to get creative with a fresh style. What did you think of his new look?

Meanwhile the rest of the housemates tried to focus on the task, often getting distracted by eating instead of preparing food. The food task is definitely challenging and the Hotshots love food, but do you think they have what it takes to win tonight? Keep on watching and find out.


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