Saturday, November 01, 2014

Final Rehearsals

The housemates were not taking a moment to relax, throwing all their energy into the rehearsal. Even during dinner time Team A (Downtown Beats) were discussing the Extravaganza. Luis was really getting into the groove of things, throwing out ideas and emphasising that they needed energy on stage and could not remain static. It looked like the Extravaganza was the perfect distraction from thinking about Mira. JJ focused on scene changes, saying that they had to be smooth transitions. Considering the hiccoughs in previous extravaganzas where housemates whispered into mikes backstage and made other technical errors, it was a good reminder.

On stage, Team B (Urban Pulse) was also placing the finishing touches on their show. They went through their "Urban Jungle" song which we have heard in the house during the week and it will be exciting to finally see it on stage.

Housemates have been very diligent this week, despite disagreements, and Africa is looking forward to a fantastic show. Every Extravaganza presents a new challenge and every show a surprise from the talented Hotshots. Hopefully there will be lots of jubilant partying once they leave the stage. They certainly deserve it after all their hard work.

Remember to vote for your favourite team after the show. The teams are:

Team A - Downtown Beats: JJ, Butterphly, Idris, Kacey Moore, Luis, Mr. 265, Sheillah, Sipe and Tayo.

Team B - Urban Pulse: Arthur, Ellah, Frankie, Goitse, M’am Bea, Macky2, Nhlanhla, Permithias, Samantha and Trezagah.

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