Thursday, November 06, 2014

Frankie & Ellah Reconcile

The heated events of last night surfaced early in the morning, as Sipe and Ellah tried to recollect what had happened after the task presentation. Frankie told Ellah how she had sworn angrily at him, because she had been upset that he had revealed his feelings for her during the comedy skit. However, in the calm of the early morning they started talking things over and were no longer butting heads.

The calm did not continue in the kitchen, as Goitse and Mr. 265 got irritated with one other doing the dishes. Mr. 265 was upset that he had done dishes last night, even though it was not his turn, yet Goitse, who was busy doing dishes, refused to wash his bowl. She flung curses about, which made Mr. 265 upset, telling her that he had not sworn at her, so he did not see why she felt the need to. Permithias had added his perceptive two cents, saying it was important to stay out of other people's fights, because sometimes getting involved only fuelled the fire.

Ellah and Frankie continued trying to figure out where they stood with each other, but Ellah said she still felt "hangey", after-effects of the alcohol from last night, and would chat with him again once she felt balanced. As she brushed her hair, sizing herself up in the mirror, she apologised to Africa for swearing. Now that the two are on a path of reconciliation, will anything develop between them?


  1. they wd make a good couple

  2. Goitse is just frustrated....calm down ar safe!

  3. goitse is just 1 girl who kinda of think of herself only

  4. I wish something develops btn Ellah n Frankie they both have the body:)