Sunday, November 30, 2014

Freeze Task + Messages From Home

This week housemates got a taste of home with the freeze tasks. In his never-ending magnanimity, Big Brother decided to give all the remaining Hotshots messages from loved ones and not just the members of the winning extravaganza team.

Nhlanhla and M'am Bea were the first to have family members visit them, with their brother and father coming into the house, respectively. JJ and Sheillah received visits from their loved ones the following day with heartfelt messages from the former's father and the latter's cousin. The first mother in the house was Butterphly's and thereafter we saw Idris' mom.

We finally got to see Trezagah's wife, as well as Tayo's friend King Kong – two people we have heard mentioned a lot in the house. Macky2's girlfriend also made an appearance and there was more sibling love when Goitse's sister arrived. Ellah and Sipe both received visits from their mothers.

Some came with words of advice, others with firm but friendly warnings to focus on the game; but one and all conveyed how much they loved and missed their rising Hotshot. There were also a few fans amongst the visitors, as they confessed that they were glued to their screens, watching all the shenanigans in the house.

These faces may have been new to those watching, but they were very familiar to the Hotshots who, in an extremely difficult moment, were not allowed to talk to or touch their loved ones as they were frozen when they came into the house. Any movement from the housemates would lead to USD10,000 being deducted from the final prize money. What did you think of this week's freeze task?

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