Monday, November 03, 2014

Freeze Task

Big Brother cranked things up a notch this week by introducing the Freeze Task. Reading the task brief, Head of House Idris told housemates that at any time of the day or night Big Brother may instruct the housemates to freeze. The moment housemates hear Biggie's voice telling them to freeze, they all must do exactly that, stop whatever they are doing at that point in time and remain in that position. Housemates may only move once Biggie's voice tells them to unfreeze. During the freeze period, they may not move a muscle, no matter what might be happening around them.

It sounded like a lot of fun and would definitely create a lot of giggling in the house and for fans watching the housemates stuck in awkward positions. But Biggie upped the ante of the game, making it exciting for fans and nerve-wracking for the housemates, because any housemate who will be caught moving before Biggie gives the unfreeze command will be automatically put for nomination the following week.

Trezagah seemed very worried about the task, even more so when his fellow housemates clarified the game, explaining that when frozen he would not even be allowed to pull a face, let alone take a drink or lie down. The housemates who love to nap, particularly Butterphly, should get flying colours in this task. It certainly got the housemates chattering, and Mr. 265 said he would not freeze and would rather just risk being up for nomination. Housemates were already teasing each other, yelling "freeze" throughout the house and deciding they should take it easy so that they would not be caught in a position which would make it difficult to stay frozen. Who do you think will have a difficult time freezing in the house?