Sunday, November 09, 2014

Fresh Looks

It's that time of the week again: evictions; which means bucket-loads of suspense, as well as a chance for the nominees to get pampered, except Butterphly who is unaware of her nomination by Head of House Idris. Permithias and Ellah, no strangers to being nominated, were first in the hot seat to get their hair done. Permithias went all out, deciding to have his hair shaved off, with Ellah joking that it made him lose height.

Tayo came to keep them company, serenading them with his new-found love for singing. Permithias, ever the crooner, joined him on occasion. Ellah took the opportunity to read her Bible, but before long was adding lyrics to Tayo's song as well. He may not have been nominated, but he also decided to have his hair done, courtesy of M'am Bea. He seems to enjoy getting his hair done more than anyone else in the house.

In the salon, Ellah was getting a whole new look and Trezagah looked very composed when it was his turn in the chair. Frankie followed Permithias' lead and also went with a full shave. Nhlanhla, pulled away from the kitchen, was the last to get styled, with Sheillah by his side as usual.  What do you think of the nominees' new looks?

Now that the nominated housemates look fresh and fabulous, Africa is back on the edge of their seats waiting for another big night. Who will stay and who will go?

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  1. Biggie help housemates with a pedicure plizzz. Ma' mbea's feet and toes are like. Carrot..they dnt match wth her face..its like those of a village something Biggie