Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Frozen Housemates

The fun does not stop in Biggies house! The third freeze task of the week was unleashed and the housemates were caught off-guard. The whole morning they had showed fear at the sound of Biggie's voice and each time he said "housemates, this is Big Brother", they dived into comfortable positions.

It was absolutely hilarious to witness how they were not as prepared as they had wished and planned to be. Today Biggie brought in midgets and when they got in, they turned the house upside down! No one knows when Tayo and Sipe dropped to the floor at the sound of Biggie's voice but the midgets found them on the floor. Most of the other housemates had their eyes closed but the midgets did not let them off easily.

Three midgets went about the house, screaming and threatening the housemates to either open their eyes or do something to get out of their positions. Butterphly kept it together although she looked like she would break out in laughter. Macky2 was another impressive act as he didn't flinch from having a knife being waved at him countless times.

Goitse shut her eyes completely and we saw tears streaming down her face. Whilst we could have assumed her to be laughing, it soon became evident that she was crying from fear. Could it be lollypopguildophobia (fear of small people and  midgets) or was she just shocked?

When the midgets were gone, housemates went over to hug Goitse and she explained that she had her eyes open and when she saw the midgets, she got so scared and shut her eyes. Is this the breaking of the "freeze" task?

Goitse was inconsolable as JJ led her upstairs to calm her down and the rest of the hotshots reflected on how the task went. It was clear that they were shocked at what Biggie unleashed on them.


  1. In fact it was just an interesting event and I really enjoyed it.

  2. Wooow hw did l miss this biggie ooooo poor goste bt my vote goes to butterfly