Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Goitse Automatically Nominated For Eviction Next Week

If housemates thought Biggie was joking about the warning he issued out after the first freeze task yesterday, then they clearly had no clue how serious he was about his rules and having them obeyed.

Biggie reminded housemates about the warning; that when the freeze task is announced, they would have to freeze in motion, immediately! He reiterated that it meant that housemates could not close their eyes, bend their heads or cover their faces.

Part of the warning included that any reaction to the freeze task would result in severe consequences and could lead to automatic nominations. Biggie announced that Goitse fell victim of the punishment that he spoke about yesterday and told the housemates that not only did she cover her eyes, she also deliberately moved to avoid the distractions.

Biggie then proceeded to showing the housemates evidence of what he was talking about and as soon as the video clip played, Goitse covered her eyes and we were glad that she didn't weep again. The girl was really traumatised!

Biggie gave out his punishment – Goitse is automatically nominated for potential eviction next week. This means that she will not participate in the Head of House challenge on Monday and any Extravaganza immunity that she may win, will be irrelevant for her.

Biggie's word was final. Goitse took the punishment well and said that she could not have handled the task well. Do you think Biggie was harsh?


  1. I always wanted her to be up 4 nomination so biggie wasnt harsh

  2. Goitse boo....u aint going nowhere...HATERS COPY THAT!

  3. I think she is trully shaken up by the sounds and appearance of the midgets. She was shaking as she was trying to watch yesterday. Biggie is boss

  4. Theze pipo who inherit witchcraft think its normal to c ey mad? Goitse was genuiely shaken!!! But wat Biggy dd was absolute BULLSHIT.....He already knew about Goitse's phobia...but played on it anyway...thats rubbish...OR else...HE betta bring snakes and scorpions in that house to level the playground.....and automatic nomination because sumone MOVED is 2 2 2 2 harsh...people have CONSPIRED....BROKE DOWN DOORS....isnt that more dramatic than simply covering your face???? Dont start with your nonsense....we understand that this season the HOUSEMATES are boring as fuck...and youl do all you can to up the ratings cz sponsors are pulling u create controvesy and change from BBA to Fear Factor Africa...we get that...JUST DONT MAKE MY GOITSE A CASUALITY!! What dd u expect bringing married men...grandmothers (Samantha)... Virgin Marys to the show.....Are you maaaaaaaaaaaaad! Goitse ur game! U aint going anywhere!!!

  5. You are not fair to here biggie,why are you targeting her?

  6. its fair idris ure nw tasten ur salt just for nominating butterphly

    1. hahahahahahaha....Lost and found coment!

  7. Biggie doesn't love Batswana how can someone be punished for her phobia Biggie you are totally not fair to Goitse please revisit your decision please

  8. Biggie something is wrong with your decision Goitse is innocent however we know that you can't do your decision but you was too harsh for her phobia is a disease you cannot control it

  9. so Big does not know what a Phobia is?