Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Goitse Is Freaked Out

Big Brother brought the second freeze task of the day and Goitse could not handle it. She struggled through the first one and she explained that she was scared of small people. What is her excuse this time around?

After the first freeze task of the day, Biggie cautioned the housemates not to cheat during any of the freeze tasks as they would be punished and be put up for possible evictions. Biggie was specific and said that housemates were not to display any reaction during the task.

Housemates performed much better in the second task of the day as they kept their eyes open and stopped in motion at the instruction to freeze. Goitse could not handle the spooky noises and the ghosts that invaded the house to scare the housemates. She let out a scream, sat on the floor, hands covering her ears and cried.

The ghosts were not touched by her silent cries but rampaged the house, making scary sounds and sucking the life out her. Now we know who wouldn’t make it through a day of Halloween!

When the noises stopped and when Biggie's ghost left the house, JJ, Sipe and others came around her and comforted her again. She was led upstairs to her bed and lay sniffing a she calmed down.

How far will Biggie go with his tricks? It looks like things are getting scarier and housemates are definitely being challenged in keeping still. What will happen to Goitse with all the movements that she made? The young lass has not taken the freeze tasks well as she was terrified by both of them today.

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