Saturday, November 15, 2014

Goitse & Sipe Restore Friendly Relations

The day started off on a peaceful note as Goitse and Sipe finally sat down to some solid conversation over the distance that had developed between them. Goitse apologised to Sipe for withdrawing and keeping away from her.

After the party, the housemates gravitated towards the booth and took more selfies. They clearly enjoyed the task and kept returning for more snaps. Nhlanhla began preparing food for the housemates and Tayo could not wait until he was done as he wanted to eat and go to bed – always conscious about bed time.

Upstairs, Goitse sat Sipe down to talk about the distance that has been growing between them. Goitse explained why she had been avoiding Sipe and said that she wanted to let her deal with being Head of House without interfering. She said that she was very protective of people that she loved and knew what she would be subjected to as HoH and did want her to be affected by it all but ultimately decided to back off and let her be.

Goitse also shared that she had been going through her own personal issues that she found difficult to talk about. She said that it got so bad such that she went to ring the bell to the diary room to see Biggie and had a psychologist organised to come in to see her. We wonder what deep problem(s) the lady from Botswana was struggling with.

The two ladies expressed their feelings and Sipe confessed that this week was miserable for her; the most miserable week she had ever experienced since entering the house. She said that Goitse's distance had also affected her as she could not fathom what she had done.

At the end of it all, the ladies forgave each other and moved onto talking like the good friends that they were. What did you think of Goitse's confession? Was her reasoning legit?


  1. oooooooh come on Goitse, the woman it's so inmature and seeks attention! Please grow up and stop acting like little spoiled brat

  2. Goitse is not happy with Sipe's position unfriendly friend

  3. Goitse's time is up come tomorrow she must go home we have had enough of her moods