Monday, November 10, 2014

Head Of House: Sipe Wins!

Time had come for a new Head of House to be selected. Biggie set the qualifier for the housemates to participate in. All the housemates were to try their luck in qualifying for the Head of House challenge and the three qualified housemates were Idris, Sipe and Tayo.

In the garden, housemates found a table and a podium with ten Hotshot Discs and across the table, a red ring. One at a time, Biggie's ninja called housemates to the table and each had 45 seconds to get as many of the discs into the red ring.

The rules were as thus: if all the discs were not thrown in the allotted time, the housemate's turn would be over. The three housemates with the most discs threw in the ring would progress to the Head of House task. If more than the three housemates progressed, there would be death rounds until there were only three housemates remaining.

The qualifier was not as easy as it looked as some housemates did not even get any discs in the ring. Others only managed to get one and at most, two in. Idris, Tayo and Sipe were the three housemates that would go head to head to win the Head of House title.

Sipe won the Head of House title! The Malawian princess, as Biggie sometimes refers to her, was absolutely thrilled by the win and she jumped up and down in celebration. She was competing for the title with Tayo and Idris who both posed as serious threats to the lady.

In the garden, housemates found a rope course. Each of the three housemates was harnessed to a rope that ran the length of the course in the garden. Once all three of them were hooked onto the rope, the buzzer sounded, marking the start of the game.

Housemates had to move according to the numbers on the course and untie the rope from point one to point three. After each rope was untied, the clip had to be unhooked and reattached to the next rope on the course. The method was to be followed until the knot was completely unattached from all the rope.

At the end of the course, the first housemate to unhook themselves from the course, grab the hotshot flag and hold it above their head, would be the ultimate winner of the HoH title – this was Sipe! Idris had to hand over the HoH medallion.

Chatting to Sheillah, she said that Nhlanhla's advice helped her as he told her at which point she should start. This was interesting to note as Sipe had told Biggie twice that Nhlanhla was deliberately stepping on her toes. With his hand in her victory, could it be safe to assume that she won't put Nhlanhla up for possible eviction?

The Malawian lady playfully shouted that the boys would cook all week! She later told Macky2 that he would spend time with her as HoH. We looked forward to her reign.

Congratulations to the new Head of House!

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  1. I wont b surprised if Sammy/Nhlanhla is put up...Anyway, they know its a game and some1 has to be put up!